Mais Moçambique Pra Mim

Mais Moçambique pra Mim is a Millennium bim’s Social Responsibility Program created in 2006. It focuses on projects related to Education and Culture, Child/Youth Sports, Corporate Volunteering, Health and Community Development and the Environment. Mais Moçambique pra Mim always bets on the development of continuous and sustainable projects throughout the national territory and it has as the following main objectives:

  • Enhance its role on the field of social action by focusing on what is really important and where the program can make a difference;
  • Carry out meritorious projects that serve as positive example to civil society by being useful and necessary;
  • Captivate, attract and involve all partners that mirror themselves in the project;
  • To value life and stimulate the ability of Mozambicans to dream, fulfill and surpass their dreams.

In spite of the path already travelled, Millennium bim wants to do more via its social responsibility area by promoting structuring and continuity projects. In order to achieve these goals, we have the support of our partners that allow us to create synergies, making one that would be an individual project an everyone’s project. Projects that, where everyone has their role and each intervention makes a more cohesive project. The Bank reaffirms its commitment on implementing the principles of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative on Human Rights, Labor and the Environment as well, as it also supports the implementation of FEMA's - Corporate Environment Forum.​

Culture and Education

Education is one of the main actions
which Mais Moçambique pra Mim focuses on...
Educação e Cultura

Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering projects
that encourage employees and family members...


Sports practice is one of the main underpinnings on educating the youth, helping them to prepare...

Community Development and the Environment

Initiate, build and guarantee the implementation
of projects that go along with the welfare of ...
Desenvolvimento Comunitário e Ambiental