To contribute for the modernization and development of the financial system and the mozmabican economy, by offering innovative financial products and services, designed to address Customer's needs and expectations, froms the various market segments, with high quality standards..


  • Committed contribution to the raise the level of banking prenetration within the mozambican economy;
  • Maintaining high levels of satisfaction, loyalty and share of wallet from the Customers;
  • Customer base expansion as well as from Customers' funds under management, within traditional business areas;
  • Promotion of new initiaves within high growth potential areas;
  • Usage of new technologies to keep a competitive edge;
  • Maintain the technological leardership in the sector and the region;
  • Maintain highly sustainable probitability and financial strengh;
  • Valuation, motivation and compensation of the Employees;
  • Shareholders returns maximization;
  • Maintain the Group leadership in the sector.

How to reach these goals:

  • Training and coaching the Employees in order to secure a high level quality service to our Customers;
  • Release new and innovative products and services;
  • Enhancing and renewing the traditional distribution networks.