A Nossa Marca


We have choosen our name, our brand: Millennium, the infinity expressed in a space of thousand years.
In the scale of duration of a human life, Millennium means the ability to go further, the will to grow today in order to win in the future. An expression of strenght and resilience. Millennium is a commitment with the society, a promise of cumplicity with everyone's project.
We have choosen our brand and the energy of our color: magenta, intense, bold. We are the color of the lidership, of the quality, of the innovation, seriousness and transparency.
  • We state ourselves as the local leading bank, with a natural vocation for innovation, generating value, combined to quality of service and the advantages of scale that can be achieved with a sound business platform.
  • We state ourselves as being a supra national entity and global, and it is our ambition to be recognize internationaly for the excelence in the distribuition of financial products and services.
  • We invest in value creation in banking business, in high potential markets, respecting and contributing to the growth of the countries where we are present.​




    Choose a place, and the moment, a reason or a dream, and we will be there to help you materialize it. Around the corner, close to your house, next to the market, a few steps from you, find a Millennium bim Branch. For us, nothing is out of time or out of sight. Whenever you think you are far away, we will come to you through your cell phone, tablet or computer. At Millennium bim everything is closer and by your convenience. Being closer to the Customers does not mean having branches everywhere, but having quick and effective ways to have any concerns solved. In few words, more than seeming closer, we are closer.


    Movement is the other name of life. On the rhythm of the clock or any dreams, we all seek for more and better. This daily challenge is accomplished with speed and flexibility. Those who anticipate obstacles and make the right decisions are winners, as well as those who constantly adapt to new realities. As a Bank we are always seeking for customers’ needs in order to create products, services and solutions to overcome our customer’s needs, offering better tools for their achievements. Dynamism! This is a value that is always available to Millennium bim Customers. It is a brand that gives meaning to ours.


    An idea is enough to observe the world with other eyes. And sometimes a surprising discovery on a screen simple click makes us arrive quicker at the destination. This is precious and motivating. This is us every day, creating new ways of overcoming. We are a yesterday´s Bank that today is renewed and will surprise tomorrow. Regarding technology, human relations, business making, partnerships, we try to be always in the lead. We are a Bank that innovates because it moves with the passion and creativity that each of our customers deserves and demands. With you, we give wings to the imagination, put hands on work and create innumerous possibilities. If it's new, it's Millennium bim.