Millennium bim results from an agreement for strategic partnership between Banco Comercial Português (Millennium bcp) and the Mozambican state, in 1995. The Bank launched to the market debit and credit cards, ATM and POS, changing the banking dynamics and a personalized service at the branches.

Resulting from the changes occurred, in 2000, in the shareholder structure of Banco Comercial de Moçambique (BCM), the main shareholder of BIM (Banco Comercial Português), also became the major shareholder of BCM. This evolution leaded to major adjustments at operational and commercial levels. Therefore, operational structures have merged, as well as other units, optimizing services and taking advantage of significant synergies, service quality improvements, cost reductions.

After the merge, Banco Internacional de Moçambique (BIM) was the name chosen, turning to be the biggest bank operating in Mozambique. Similarly, in the insurance sector, adjustments of a similar nature would occur in companies in the shareholder orbit of these two Banks. 

Given that two Insurance Companies operating in the sphere of the two Banks - one in the framework of the BIM, the Seguradora Internacional de Moçambique, and another in the scope of the BCM, Impar, assumed the economically rational option of merging the two companies. From this merger was born the largest private insurance company to act in the national market and that assumes the designation of Seguradora Internacional de Moçambique, being Impar the trademark. ​​

Banco Comercial Português assumes the Millennium brand in all geographies where it was present. In alignment, the Banco Internacional de Moçambique starts to assume Millennium bim as a trademark.

2011: It reaches 1 million Clients, a milestone that reveals the recognition and trust of Mozambicans in the quality of Millennium bim. A bank with the largest branch network in the country and operating from north to south.

We launched Millennium IZI, a mobile banking platform, available through a USSD * 181 # session, where financial as well as non-financial operations can be performed. In addition to other options, this platform allows a collection of term deposits and the purchase of recharges for various TV packages.​​

​​​2014: The Bank moved its headquarters to a new building, designed according to the highest standards of international banking with the objective of offering its Clients and Employees a modern and efficient structure, ensuring the best conditions for an excellent performance of its different services.​​ 

The Bank celebrated 20 years of history with a series of commemorative activities through cultural initiatives, sports, social responsibility, and issues related to banking and the national economy. In addition to the activities that represent the 20 years since its founding, the Bank has developed a commemorative image with a 20-year logo used throughout the year, reinforcing its commitment to innovation. 

A protocol was signed with the Mozambican Post Office, with a forecast to open several joint counters in the coming years. This protocol provides for an investment that intends to contribute significantly to the recovery of the public assets of postal services in Mozambique. Launching of the Jájá Project, a project in which merchants have the possibility, on behalf of Millennium bim and through a POS, to carry out operations, facilitating Millennium bim Clients in places where we do not have branches.

​​​2016: Millennium bim reaches a million and a half of Customers and assumes itself as the largest financial institution in the country. The Bank launched the Mobile Banking application, Smart IZI, an App available for Smartphones and Tablets with Android and iOS operating system. With Smart IZI, Customers have access to their global financial assets, as well as being able to perform various types of operations. In addition to the options that Millennium IZI has, the Smart IZI platform allows, for example, the blocking and unblocking of both debit and credit cards. ​​

The expansion of the Jájá Agents project allowed the entire country to be covered by providing services, facilitating Customers who until then had to move huge distances to a counter. By the end of 2017, 294 merchants joined the project becoming Banking Agents (Agents Jájá). With more than 2,400 Employees, Millennium bim is the largest financial institution in the country, the largest taxpayer in the Mozambican financial system and with sustained and sustained growth.