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The Largest Financial Group in Mozambique 

With around 1.8 million Customers, Millennium bim is a market leader, positioning itself as an innovative Bank that satisfies the needs of its Customers, marking the pace of development of the financial sector throughout its more than 20 years of history in Mozambique.
The Bank's Net Income reached 6,16 million Meticais 

This result represents a growth of more than 20% over 2016. Total assets amounted to 137,331 million Meticais in December 2017.

Social Responsibility
Conscious of its role in the society, Millennium bim is governed by a socially responsible posture, integrating policies support and encouragement to the welfare and developmentof communities. It was the 1st financial institution to create a structured program of social responsibility, developing activities and permanently evolving, supporting essentiallyareas where the country needs more social support, particularly in the Education, Culture, juvenil Sports and Health.​
Awards and Distinctions​
Over the last 14 years, Millennium bim has received more than 80 awards by several national and international institutions, among which we highlight:
  • Best Bank of the Year in Mozambique (The Banker magazine);
  • Best Bank of the Year in Mozambique (EMEA Finance magazine);
  • Best Local Bank in Trade Finance in Mozambique (EMEA - GTR);
  • Best Social Responsibility Program in Mozambique (EMEA Finance magazine;
  • Best Banking Group in Mozambique (World Finance magazine);
  • Best Bank in Mozambique (Global Finance magazine);
  • Best Website for Private Clients in Mozambique (Global Finance);
  • Best Bank in Trade Finance in Mozambique (Global Finance magazine);
  • Best Bank in Mozambique (Euromoney magazine);
  • Best Application for Mobile Banking (Global Banking and Finance Review);
  • Best Brand in Mozambique in the Banking Sector (MMM - Multinational GFK);
  • Superbrands Moçambique (Superbrands Internacional);
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst & Young);
  • Best Retail Bank (International Finance Magazine);
  • Best Investment Bank (International Finance Magazine);
  • Best Internet Site (International Finance Magazine);
  • Leadership in Image and Quality (GTLC - Global Trade Leaders);
  • Social Responsibility (PMR Africa).​

The widest Banking Network in Mozambique 
For a better service to its approximately 1.8 million Customers, Millennium bim is present throughout country with a network of ATM, POS, Agents and Branches prepared to serve Customers in several segments, relying on the dedication and professionalism of its more than 2600 Employees. The numbers are:

  • 159 Mass Market Branches (of these, 8 are of the partnership with the Post office of Moçambique);
  • 21  Prestige Branches;
  • 3   Corporate Branches;
  • 6   Companies Branches;
  • 504 ATM;
  • 9.526 POS;
  • 294 Jájá Agents.​