Compliance Office


The awareness that confidence in the institution is a fundamental pillar for the achievement of the objectives it proposes, leads to a deep and constant reflection on the best way of corporate organization and the creation of mechanisms for monitoring and controlling in order to strengthen its credibility and soundness.

In this sense, Millennium bim not only closely follows the different models that, at national and international levels, have been recommended and implemented, but also actively participates in extensive reflection at various levels takes place, regarding the best practices of corporate governance.

As a result of this reflection, which considers the dynamics of corporate life and characteristics that distinguish it from others, making it unique, the Bank has adopted and continues to adopt practices that contribute to ensuring:

  • Transparency in governance and decision-making processes;
  • The auditing and independent monitoring of its implementation;
  • Effective and informed participation of shareholders in the company's life.
The information provided herein is intended to disclose, clearly and exhaustively the corporate governance practices implemented by the Bank. This model is reflected in the following set of bodies, structures and responsiblity::

COFF Documents